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when I discovered what I wanted to do with my life. I was also on a moving walk at Walt Disney World. 

I had just wrapped up my second or third stint on the animatronic classic Spaceship Earth, and the gears were turning in my head (as much as they were in the elbows of the Phoenicians). I wanted to tell stories. I wanted to add to the flurry of blinking communications that just ushered me out into the lobby.

Today, stories are more important than ever. They are the fuel for modern business. I have been lucky enough to help tell the stories of a variety of different brands so far in my career, from orange juice to software. I currently work as a Marketing Manager at FDI Group, a suite of insurance services that help businesses solve problems and take care of their people.

I have two dogs and a husband. And yes, all are fans of Disney. One of them is even named Pluto. You guess who.