podcasts I rely on for career inspiration

I couldn't be happier that podcasts are having more than just a moment in the sun. If it wasn't for a buddy of mine, I wouldn't have summoned the patience to pop in the earbuds and just listen.

My gateway was, like many, This American Life's Serial. From there, I fell victim to the reckless imaginations of Welcome to Night Vale, The Bright Sessions, and Limetown. All three are excellent examples of fictional (in Nightvale's case, hopefully very fictional) narratives that can take place entirely in your own mind.

I prefer more whimsical podcasts when I am folding clothes, pulling weeds, (adult!) coloring, or any other type of chore that only requires my motor skills and almost zero decision making. But for moments where there's more forward momentum, like walking the dogs or getting ready in the morning, I turn to the following career/learning/professional development podcasts for daily revelations: 

Mentoring Moments

This podcast definitely seeped enough into my everyday consciousness. For example, the segment  "I'm Done With That" reminds listeners to escape behaviors that can hold them back. This podcast helps you ditch everything from constant, unnecessary apologizing to self-imposed perfectionism. Denise Restauri invites dynamic, successful women to her kitchen table to share their story, answer tough questions, and positively vibe off each other. My favorite episodes:

Love Your Work

A major theme of Love Your Work is in the title. David Kadavy combines telling interviews with some of the most creative people out there with his own experience and journey to love his work. Kadavy is also prolific on Medium, where his thoughts are more candid, but like his podcast, there are some real gems that challenge how you think about work, productivity, and focus. Those are three things we're confronted with each day, and any new take is definitely appreciated. I'd recommend to start here:

Heroine's Journey

What I like about Heroine is how unafraid Majo Molfino is to relate personal experiences to professional life. I have always believed they are respectfully intertwined. Majo crafts each guest story with a beginning we all understand, our childhood. From there, each heroine featured explains her triumphs and setbacks, with a common thread throughout her years being her passion. Needless to say after each episode, I am deeply moved and motivated.